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Data & Findings

This webpage contains links to data and findings produced by IR&DS as well as links to other data resources of general interest to the Stanford community.  This webpage is continually updated and not all findings are publicly accessible.  Check the indicator following each link [last update; access] for more information.  To inquire about access permissions contact: Lourdes Ventura ( 

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  • Key University Metrics: Current data on students, faculty, staff, financial aid, finances, research, and more [Jan. 2016]
  • Stanford University Statistics: 50+ tables of current and historical data on students, faculty, staff, research, finances, and more. [August 2016]
  • Population Report: Summary fall snapshot information about campus populations. [Dec. 2015]
  • Comparative Statistics: Comparative data for Stanford and peer institutions. [October 2017; limited access]


  • Senior Survey: Online access to findings from the Senior Survey, administered to all graduating Stanford undergraduates [Stanford only, limited access]
  • Survey of New Students: Online access to findings from the Survey of New Students, taken by incoming Stanford freshmen [Stanford only, limited access]
  • Ph.D. Exit Survey: Online access to findings from the Ph.D. Exit Survey , administered to all graduating Stanford Ph.D. students [Stanford only, limited access]
  • Incoming Interests and Undergrad Degree Trends: Website with interactive findings from an ongoing study on longitudinal trends in the interests of incoming Stanford students and the degree fields of Stanford graduates. [Stanford only, limited access]


  • Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing Annual Report: Interactive dashboards reviewing trends in undergraduate Ways completion, enrollments, and offerings by entering cohort, and in some cases, major. [September 2016; Stanford only, limited access]
  • STEM Companion Course Analysis: Interactive dashboards displaying the patterns of companion course-taking, how companion courses fit into the Stanford STEM pipeline, and the characteristics of companion course-takers, relative to students who do not take companion courses, both at the university level since the 2013-2014 academic year and within individual courses since the 2010-2011 academic year.  [September 2016; Stanford only, limited access]


Admission & Financial Aid


  • CIP codes: Federal Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes assigned to each of Stanford’s degree programs.
  • Data stewardship 'maps': Quick-reference guides to Stanford’s faculty, staff, degrees, calendars, and more.
  • Data Governance Center: Stanford’s data dictionary. [Stanford only]