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Professoriate Faculty by School

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Professoriate faculty headcounts are displayed by school of primary appointment. The School of Medicine has the highest total number of faculty for all academic years, and its headcount has been increasing steadily every year since 2009–10. Humanities & Sciences, with the second highest number of faculty, has experienced a decline in headcount each year since 2019–20. Engineering and Business had slight drops in headcount between 2020–21 and 2021–22, but rebounded past their 2020–21 levels in 2022–23. The data are sourced from the IR&DS Faculty Snapshot taken annually on September 1. See the Methodology & Definitions section for more details.

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Methodology & Definitions

Primary Appointment

A primary appointment is a formal association between an individual and an academic department where a majority of or all research, teaching, and clinical duties occurs. These data reflect the parent school, institute, or center of the department where each Professoriate member's primary appointment resides. Each individual has exactly one primary appointment.

  • Data Governance Center

Professoriate Faculty Headcount

Headcounts are based on primary appointments for all members of the Professoriate as of September 1, which is the effective date that a term of appointment commences each academic year. Faculty on leave are included; emeriti are excluded.

  • Data Source(s): Institutional Research and Decision Support via Faculty Snapshot
  • Faculty Handbook, §2.7 [2.7.5(5)]

Professoriate Faculty

The Professoriate includes all members with appointments as Tenure Line faculty, Non-Tenure Line faculty, University Medical Line faculty (formerly Medical Center Line), and at designated policy centers and institutes, Senior Fellows and Center Fellows. The Other group in the visualization captures Non-Tenure Line faculty, Center Fellows, and Senior Fellows. For more information on specific appointments, please refer to the relevant sections of the Faculty Handbook below.

Academic Council Professoriate

The Academic Council Professoriate is a subset of the Professoriate faculty consisting of the following positions:

Tenure Line faculty

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor

Non-Tenure Line faculty

  • Assistant Professor (Research, Teaching)
  • Associate Professor (Applied Research, Clinical, Performance, Teaching, Research)
  • Professor (Applied Research, Clinical, Performance, Teaching, Research)
  • Senior Fellow at designated policy centers and institutes
  • Center Fellow at designated policy centers and institutes as of 2020–21

For more information about the role and authority of the Academic Council Professoriate, please refer to the Faculty Handbook.


A School is the highest level academic unit under the University in the organizational hierarchy, and it is headed by a Dean. Stanford's seven Schools and designated policy centers and institutes are represented in the data. The Schools are as follows:

Label School
Business Graduate School of Business
Earth School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences
Doerr Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
Education Graduate School of Education
Engineering School of Engineering
Humanities & Sciences School of Humanities and Sciences
Law Law School
Medicine School of Medicine

The Other group includes:

  1. Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
  2. Senior Fellows and Center Fellows in designated policy centers and institutes

Hoover Senior Fellows are not included. For more information about Senior Fellows and Center Fellows, please see the Faculty Handbook, §2.3 via the link below.


The data are available for download in Google Drive.

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