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Jul 23 2018
SIRIS Student Analytics: Class Offerings and Enrollments components were released in late April. This release covers course and class data, including detailed information about individual student class enrollment and class characteristics. Questions such as “Who is enrolled in all sections of my cross-listed class?” and “How many undergraduates have taken our courses?” can be answered with these new components.
Training for users are being rolled out throughout the summer, with upcoming open sessions to be held in August. If you or your team is interested in training, please contact May Khoo at
Feb 28 2018

IR&DS has published a new webpage that presents the findings of a recent major study of PhD alumni employment outcomes. The study, undertaken by IR&DS in collaboration with the Office for the Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE), examined the career paths of 2,420 doctoral alumni across two cohorts. The results of this study are available online here. The webpage is interactive and allows users to explore the data and findings from the study.

Jul 1 2016

IR&DS has released the 2015-16 edition of ‘Stanford University Statistics’, with more than 50 tables of data about Stanford’s students, faculty, staff, research, and finances. This is available here.

Apr 19 2018

Please welcome Clara Carter, our new Business Intelligence and Reporting Analyst on the IR&DS team. Clara is returning to Stanford as part of the SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) team, and she brings over 15 years of BI experience in addition to the 5 years she spent working with Stanford student data previously. We’re so glad she’s back!

Mar 30 2018

Stephanie is our newest Institutional Research Associate. Her role will be to support the Student Data Oversight Committee, the Data Governance Program and tools.  She will also be supporting the development of the SIRIS Oversight Committee. Stephanie brings to this role a high level of attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple projects at one time with success. We are enthusiastic about Stephanie joining our teams and welcome her wholeheartedly.