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Stanford University Statistics


This annual collection of statistics provides easy access to standard and commonly used data about Stanford's students, faculty, staff, research, and finances. While the full report is released annually, in hard copy, the individual PDFs of each table below will be updated as data becomes available, throughout the year.

While many of these tables summarize publicly available information, some present more sensitive content. For this reason, while most tables (labeled "[public]") are freely available here, some are available only to those members of the Stanford community who receive a hard copy of the report as well. Please contact if you are interested in accessing these restricted reports, or if you have difficulty viewing the files.

Please refer to the definitions for detailed explanations of the timing and other details behind the information in this report.

Stanford University Statistics: Tables


Students and Degrees | Faculty and Staff | Financial Aid and Tuition | Sponsored Activity | Finances


Students and Degrees

Enrolled Students


Degrees Conferred

Other Student Data

Faculty and Staff



Financial Aid and Tuition

Sponsored Activity