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WASC Accreditation

Accreditation requirements

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) expects institutions to meet three core commitments: 

1. Core Commitment to Student Learning and Success

Institutions have clear educational goals and student learning outcomes. Institutions collect, analyze, and interpret valid and reliable evidence of learning as a way of assessing student achievement and success. Institutions support the success of all students and seek to understand and improve student success.

2. Core Commitment to Quality and Improvement

The institution functions with clear purposes, high levels of institutional integrity, fiscal stability, and organizational structures to fulfill its purposes.

3. Core Commitment to Institutional Integrity, Sustainability, and Accountability

Institutions recognize that the public has entrusted them with the critical responsibilities of upholding the values of higher education and contributing to the public good. They engage in sound business practices, demonstrate institutional integrity, operate in a transparent manner, and adapt to changing conditions.

Accreditation process

The WASC Commission reaffirmed Stanford’s accreditation in July, 2013. Please visit this page for more information about Stanford’s WASC accreditation.

Selected results of undergraduate learning outcomes assessments and evidence of student success are published as part of Stanford’s WASC accreditation pages focusing on Student Achievement.